Francis McGowan

Name: Francis X. McGowan, Jr., MD


  • Professor of Anaesthesia (Pediatrics), Harvard Medical School
  • Chief and Children's Hospital Endowed Chair, Division of Cardiac Anesthesia


  1. Clinical--pediatric anesthesia, pediatric cardiac anesthesia, cardiopulmonary bypass, adults with congenital heart disease
  2. Research--cellular stress and inflammatory signaling, cardiac metabolism and mitochondrial biology, pathophysiology of infant cardiac hypertrophy

Selected Leadership Roles:

  1. Program Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President, President, and Past-President, Society for Pediatric Anesthesia (1998-2008)
  2. NIH Surgery, Anesthesiology, and Trauma Study Section, 2004-2008; multiple NIH Special Emphasis Panels, Pediatric Heart Network (PHN), and ad hoc reviews (ongoing);
  3. Founding member, "Wake Up Safe" (SPA Pediatric Quality Improvement Initiative) and Congenital Cardiac Anesthesia Society
  4. 4) Board of Directors, Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research (2007-present)

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Francis McGowan Publications:

  1. Development of left ventricular diastolic dysfunction with preservation of ejection fraction during progression of infant right ventricular hypertrophy.
  2. Myocyte apoptosis occurs early during the development of pressure-overload hypertrophy in infant myocardium.
  3. Prospective longitudinal study of coagulation profiles in children with hypoplastic left heart syndrome from stage I through Fontan completion.
  4. The incidence and implications of anti-heparin-platelet factor 4 antibody formation in a pediatric cardiac surgical population.
  5. The frequency of anesthesia-related cardiac arrests in patients with congenital heart disease undergoing cardiac surgery.
  6. Bispectral index monitoring in children undergoing mild hypothermic cardiopulmonary bypass.
  7. Stress response in infants undergoing cardiac surgery: a randomized study of fentanyl bolus, fentanyl infusion, and fentanyl-midazolam infusion.
  8. Congenital supravalvular aortic stenosis and sudden death associated with anesthesia: what's the mystery?
  9. The perioperative management of a patient with Fontan physiology for pheochromocytoma resection.
  10. Anesthetic-Related Neurotoxicity in the Developing Infant: Of Mice, Rats, Monkeys and, Possibly, Humans
  11. Analysis of surgical outcome in complex double-outlet right ventricle with heterotaxy syndrome or complete atrioventricular canal defect.
  12. Hypoxia and stretch regulate intercellular communication in vascular smooth muscle cells through reactive oxygen species formation.
  13. Procoagulant and anticoagulant factor abnormalities following the Fontan procedure: increased factor VIII may predispose to thrombosis.
  14. Anesthetic implications of primary cardiac tumors in infants and children.
  15. Differential effects of amrinone and milrinone upon myocardial inflammatory signaling.